April 13, 2024

Resurgent Power Ventures Pte. Ltd completes acquisition of South East UP Power Transmission Company Limited


National, 19th Sept, 2022: Pursuant to the Letter of Intent (LOI) issued by the Resolution Professional of South East UP Power Transmission Company Limited (SEUPPTCL), and approval of the Resolution Plan by Hon’ble National Company Law Tribunal, Allahabad (“NCLT”) vide order dated  June 15, 2022, Resurgent Power Ventures Pvt Ltd (Resurgent Power) has completed the acquisition of SEUPPTCL and has settled the debt of all existing creditors as per the terms of the Resolution Plan. The transaction was part of a stressed asset resolution process run by Resolution Professional under the supervision of its Committee of Creditors through a competitive bidding process under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016. 

SEUPPTCL was incorporated as a special purpose vehicle formed by UP Power Transmission Company Limited (UPPTCL) on September 11, 2009 to implement and operate the specified intra-state transmission system for a period of 35 years under public private partnership model on Build-Own-Operate-Maintain & Transfer (BOOT) basis. Pursuant to implementation of the Resolution Plan, SEUPPTCL has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Resurgent Power. 

SEUPPTCL has approx. 1,500 Km of Transmission Line (765 kV and 400 kV) and 5 substations (765 kV and 400 kV). Total scope of the project was divided into two groups: 

a.       Group 1: consisting of transmission lines of length about 600 Kms (765 kV and 400 kV), and 2 substations (765 kV and 400 kV). This group is already operational since July 2017. 

b.      Group 2: consisting of transmission lines of length of about 900 Kms (765 kV & 400 kV), and 3 substations (400 kV). This group is under construction. 

The transaction entailed payment for one-time settlement of outstanding debt and purchase of equity shares for a total consideration of ₹ 3,251 crore and payout of existing cash balance of SEUPPTCL as outlined in the Resolution Plan. In addition, Resurgent Power will invest equity and raise debt in SEUPPTCL for completion of Group 2. When completed, the total enterprise value will be approx. ₹ 6,500 crore. The transaction has been funded through a mix of shareholder funds brought in by Resurgent Power and loans drawn down from State Bank of India. 

Resurgent Power is a Joint Venture based out of Singapore co-sponsored by Tata Power and ICICI Venture and has other global reputed institutions as investors. It was set up to acquire stressed assets in the Indian Power Sector. Tata Power International Pte. Ltd (TPIPL) (a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power), owns 26% stake in Resurgent Power. ICICI Bank Ltd (ICICI Bank) owns 10% stake in Resurgent Power and the balance 64% is held by other global investors. Resurgent Power owns 75.01% stake in Prayagraj Power Generation Company Limited, which owns and operates a 1,980 MW supercritical power plant in Uttar Pradesh. In addition, Resurgent Power also owns 100% stake in NRSS XXXVI Transmission Limited, which is commissioning a critical Inter-State transmission project for System Strengthening Scheme in Northern Region. 

Speaking on the development, Mr. Praveer Sinha, CEO & MD, Tata Power said “In line with our aspiration to expand our transmission business, Tata Power has partnered with ICICI and other global investors in Resurgent Power, that had bid for acquiring SEUPPTCL under Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process. We are delighted to have completed the acquisition, allowing all creditors to maximize the recovery from this project. This asset fits our overall strategy to maximize shareholder value through growth & sound investments. After successful turnaround of Prayagraj Power and acquisition of NRSS XXXVI, this asset will add further value to and diversify the Resurgent Power portfolio.”