July 21, 2024

Ride Innovation Conclave 2022 to commence from 20th September at MIT World Peace University Campus


India, 19 September 2022: MIT World Peace University’s Innovation Hub announces its annual five-day innovation conclave, RIDE 2022, a student driven activity taking place from the 20th – 24th September 2022, to host minds who believe in expanding horizons beyond the purview of prosaic opportunities and opening the pathway for students towards entrepreneurship.

RIDE 2022 has its themes spread across the four pillars namely, Research, Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship (RIDE) followed by Start-up Accelerator and Innovation Hub at MIT-WPU. The student driven conclave is expected to have a footfall of over ten thousand people across five days with over hundred start-ups and speakers along with more than fifty experts from the venture capital industry.

Each day will encompass subject matter experts who will address students around the aforesaid themes to obtain a unique outlook and encourage out-of-the-box thinking by simulating a real-world environment. The event will focus around start-ups across sectors like Technology, Design, Healthcare Agri-Tech, sustainable energy and retail sectors.

Speaking at the launch event Shri Rahul Karad, Executive President, MIT World Peace University said, “RIDE22 is an immense opportunity for students to understand and explore the new approaches to research, innovation, design and entrepreneurship. It offers a unique window into the future trends in technologies, management, science and social sciences, fine arts, sustainable studies and public health. I firmly believe that MIT WPU: RIDE ‘22 and especially the ‘Executive President Challenge’ will be a source of inspiration for the students of MIT World Peace University, who are passionate to build on their big ideas. The conclave is designed to be immersive and thought – provoking with valuable industry insights, and deep dives into trends and unique networking opportunities”

Speaking at the launch event Dr Milind Pande, Pro-VC at MIT World Peace University, Pune, said, “The objective of RIDE 22 is to create a strong ecosystem of start-ups within MIT World Peace University and facilitate all around understanding of running a business from mind to market with their students.’’

Speaking at RIDE Innovation Conclave 2022 press conference, Mr Pravin V Patil, Senior DirectorCentre for Industry-Academia Partnerships said, “We believe that every student is imbibed with knowledge that may lead to unlimited possibilities and with R.I.D.E in action, they are provided with means to explore, ignite and re-ignite the thoughts that hold solutions for minuscule hurdles we come across today.”

Speaking at RIDE Innovation Conclave 2022 press conference, Dr. R. M. Chitnis, Vice-Chancellor at MIT-WPU said, “All participants shall have more than just one take away and learning through each day of RIDE beginning from at the very first stage for them to be able to implement the acquired knowledge from the expert talks heading towards its application and lastly, to influence and bring about a change in the present to head towards a golden age.”

Speaking at RIDE Innovation Conclave 2022 press conference, Aryan Yadav, Student Coordinator – Innovation Hub said, R.I.D.E is an all-inclusive student summit aimed at creating the perfect launchpad of entrepreneurship opportunities for our students.”

RIDE 2022 will kick-start by introducing 100 start-ups in its Start-Up Expo followed by experts talking about their experiences in Expert Talks, numerous recreational activities such as zorbing, F1 simulation, and will close with Comedy and Pro Night.

Through this mega conclave MIT WPU, will also aim at creating a World Record in Djembe. Djembe is a drum played with bare hands. Previously set record was of 1197 people playing djembe together and through this event the university aims at breaking the record as 2000 students are set to play the instrument at the university arena.