July 21, 2024

Daughter of High Court Judge’s driver ranks 66th in Rajasthan Judiciary Exams with the help of Utkarsh App


21st September, 2022: 23-year-old Kartika Gehlot, daughter of a High Court judge’s driver, cleared the Rajasthan Judicial Services exam and secured  66th rank with the help of online courses through the Utkarsh app. Karthika graduated with a law degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi earlier this year and was eager to don the judicial black robes. She was unable to enroll in offline classes because of Covid pandemic so she chose online coaching through the Utkarsh app, which helped her pass a state exam that is considered tough to crack.

“When the entire country was shut down due to Covid, Utkarsh’s app came in handy for students like me who didn’t want to take a break from studying. I thank them for providing all of the mentoring, teaching, and counselling that was required during the pandemic years. The fact that the courses were affordable and easily available also helped a lot, ” says Dr.Gehlot.

Despite the delay in classes and exam schedules being thrown into a quandary by the pandemic, Kartika was focussed on achieving her goals and went about preparing for these exams. She points out that classes were accessible at all times of the day which provided her with quality content to excel in the examination. This, according to Kartika helped her a great deal in preparing for the exams.

Talking about this achievement, Dr. Nirmal Gehlot, the CEO and Founder of Utkarsh Classes and Edutech said, “The judiciary is the bedrock of the democratic system. It needs sharp and smart people like Kartika to ensure that justice is delivered to everyone. We are happy that Utkarsh played a role in helping her achieve her dream by providing affordable and accessible educational tools.”

“She used to occasionally see me go to work and drive key judicial officers to the court . At the young age of  12, she had said that she will wear the black coat of the judicial officer soon. Since then, she has been completely focused on achieving her dream. Her mother’s efforts in inspiring her and offering support by all means also deserve special mention,” says  Mr. Rajendra Gehlot, Kartika’s father.