April 19, 2024

Mr. G.P. Hinduja, Co-chairman, Hinduja Group on the sad demise of Queen Elizabeth II


Today, the world weeps as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is laid to rest. The funeral’s solemnity and pageantry befits a sovereign, who, for more than 70 years, ruled with modesty and grace, touching the hearts of millions the world over. It is very rare to find such type of human beings in the world.

I too shed a tear for the loss of a leader who inspired love and devotion through her grace and wisdom. As His Majesty, King Charles III said in his heartfelt message to the nation, quoting the words of Shakespeare, “May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. May God bless Her.”

Her Majesty became queen only 5 years after India’s independence, 75 years ago. Over the late queen’s 70 years reign, her love and respect for India was unwavering. She visited India on three occasions. Notably in 1997 for the 50th anniversary since independence. As a young boy, I remember these momentous times throughout the queen’s 70 year reign and love and admiration.

The respect I and all the Hinduja members of the family held for her grew.

For 60 years, my family have lived in London. I and other family members of Hinduja have had the honour of meeting Her Majesty many a times and recently the most, last year at Windsor Castle. Her graciousness, kindness, and aura will remain with us forever more.

Today we all say thank you and pray for Her Majesty. May her soul rest in peace and Almighty bless her.