June 25, 2024

5 Nutrition Boosters you’ll wish you discovered sooner


As we return to our normal routines in the post pandemic world, we see our collective health consciousness as ever evolving. With the definition of nutrition, exercise, and health changing, there’s a new fitness nutrition supplement market has emerged for those who wish to live a fitter lifestyle.

We have the perfect health guide for everyone in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle with some of the most interesting products that will fulfil the nutritional requirements in your fitness journey. Scroll through our recommendations for the 5 nutrition boosters that completely align with your everyday fitness demands and will add a flavoursome twist to your regular diet:

Modicare Well Sports Range

If you are someone who is willing to become a healthier version of yourself and your goal is to check any of the following off your fitness agenda – muscle support and recovery, muscle building and repair, power strength, stamina or just a boost of instant energy, then Modicare Limited has got you covered.

With the newly launched Well Sports range, the brand offers a complete range of high-performance products for all your fitness needs and goals. The new range addresses the three key principles of sports nutrition—Fuelling, Hydration and Recovery and helps meet your pre, intra and post workout nutritional requirements through its varied range of products.

With 7 comprehensive offerings namely Performance Whey Protein, Performance Whey Protein Isolate, Super Mass Gainer, 100% Creatine Micronized, BCAA Advanced, Isotonic and L-Carnitine crafted using specialised formulas, be sure to rock all your workout phases.

Park monotonous out of your fitness regime with Well Sports’ exciting flavours like Fruit Punch, Litchi Delight, Banana Twist, Tangy Orange, Mango Blast, among many others. The performance driven products with zero banned substances that are vegetarian and gluten free have been scientifically developed to drive the best in you.


  • Well Sports Performance Whey Protein (2kg): INR 8,999/-
  • Well Sports Performance Whey Protein Isolate (2kg): INR 9,949/-
  • Well Sports Super Mass Gainer (3kg): INR 4,199/-
  • Well Sports 100% Creatine Micronized (250g): INR 2,199/-
  • Well Sports BCAA Advanced (250g): INR 2,200/-
  • Well Sports Isotonic (1kg): INR 799/-
  • Well Sports L Carnitine (500ml): INR 2,499/-

So, what are you waiting for, we therefore challenge you to reclaim, recover and redo by posing the question – Hai Dum?

Origin Nutrition- Vegan Whey Protein

If you’re vegan, then you know you have to put in a little more effort to meet your protein requirements. This Vegan Protein Whey is made from 100% natural ingredients, has no added sugar and is dairy and nut free.  Keeping up with its vegan nature it is also Soy and Gluten free and animal friendly. These are a good option if you’re looking for a midday snack or when you need a quick protein source after a workout to satisfy your happy spot and enhance your diet.

The whole truths Protein Bars

When selecting a protein bar, it’s important you know your needs, first and foremost. The Whole Truth’s protein bars set a really high standard filled with nutrition and health to boost your well-being and are available in assortment of flavors. Try these awesome bars and kick start your nutri-yummy journey today!

Lil’ Goodness Nutritious Combo

This wonderful combo includes an assortment of prebiotic chocolates such as Milk, Dark, Dark Orange Peel, Dark Fruit and Teff Supergrain Puffs available in tangy tomato. Along with this you get POP-IT Turmeric Gummies in mint flavour and Teff Crackle 72% dark chocolate bar. Ever thought you could get nutrition with a yummilicious taste and that too a lot of it?

Muscle Blaze Breakfast Cereals

Do you always have to rush through your breakfast and in the process lose out on essential nutrients? Or you’re looking to grab a snack after completing your workout? Do not fear, Muscle blaze has got you! Try their breakfast cereals with 18 gram protein and 30% RDA. And what more? It comes with a vegetarian source of protein!