July 21, 2024

ICICIdirect introduces Flash Trade for F&O traders


Mumbai, Sept 26, 2022: The Indian capital market has been seeing the entry of a large number of young investors and traders. Many of these young traders require guidance, hand holding, and tools to manage the risks associated with trading and investments.

Keeping the interest of these investors and traders, and also the larger trading and investment community in mind, ICICIdirect, an app and online platform for investments, insurance, and loan products, today said it has launched a unique proposition in the form of Flash Trade, a risk contained and visually rich Futures & Options (F&O) trading module.

‘Flash Trade’, is one of its kind tool offering a safer ecosystem for trading options that helps traders visualize their entire trade on charts in a simplified manner, and allows them to trade in a single click with its ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ action buttons. Traders can set time-based exit rules so that losses are minimised and profits booked.

Key Features: • Time-based risk contained module • Single screen trading experience • Time based exit rules to encourage disciplined trading • Visualization of the entire trade on charts • Ability to customise entire trade set up

Flash Trade aims to deliver a single screen trading experience by providing all the features such as Orders, Positions, Profit & Loss, Charts, in one screen. The product enables users to customise the entire trade set up of the screen and offers ‘Time based exit feature which ensures trades are squared off at their set time, imbibing discipline.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Vishal Gulechha, Head – Retail Equity, ICICI Securities said, “With a large number of new comers coming to the market daily, we see a growing need for providing guidance and risk contained environment for such investors. Towards this, we are investing significantly in IT, analytics, User Interface (UI) & User eXperience (UX), and customer behaviour journey to simplify and enrich the overall experience. Flash Trade is the outcome of this initiative and more such innovative products are being planned to launch in the future.”

“Flash Trade is user friendly and makes the trade visual in terms of risk, profitability and drawdown. The whole trading experience is simplified and advance analysis tools is also made available for matured traders to take advantage of,” he further added.

Flash Trade product enables traders to perform F&O trading in a completely simplified manner, with even strike selection of Highest Open Interest, At The Money, and most Traded Contracts. These features provide customers with a smooth and intuitive way of managing their trades efficiently.