May 29, 2024

Secure your heart health with an exclusive Health Insurance plan from Care Health Insurance


29th September 2022: Use heart for every heart, this World Heart Day. Use your heart for nature, humanity and most importantly for yourself. Indulge more in physical activities like walking, cycling instead of traveling by car, use your heart for yourself by controlling psychological stress through exercises, meditation, and getting sufficient, quality sleep and alongside spread awareness among fellow beings about access to quality healthcare for Cardio Vascular Diseases..

Upholding the essence of the same, Care Health Insurance advocates its ‘Care Heart Insurance Plan’ as a considerate option for oneself and gifting loved ones this season. Care Heart- Comprehensive Health Insurance plan covers individuals with pre-existing heart conditions and brings to the fore, maximum protection & coverage for heart related ailments. Additionally, the plan offers a wide array of benefits like Cardiac Annual Health Check-up, Pre & Post Hospitalization as well as AYUSH Coverage.

As per the World Health Organisation, nearly 32% of global deaths are associated with cardiovascular conditions in some way or another. Owing to sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, increasing consumption of alcohol, smoking and hypertension, these critical heart ailments can strike even at an early age that too, without warning.

Talking about the need for having an exclusive heart insurance Ajay Shah, Director & Head – Retail, Care Health Insurance said “With stress, anxiety, behavioral risk factors like unhealthy diet and physical inactivity being part & parcel of one’s life, cardiovascular ailments are on a rise. It has become absolutely necessary, now more so than earlier, for individuals to be extra cautious towards their well-being. Early detection of cardiovascular diseases through regular checks can help manage it better and a Comprehensive Health Insurance can secure their health and finances against possible medical exigencies in the future.”

To further motivate people to maintain good health, Care Health Insurance has introduced certain ‘health management programs’ for its customers. It not only pushes you to work towards your well-being, but also rewards you maintaining good health. By getting preventive health check-ups, participating in yoga and other weight management programs and syncing daily step count, its customers can avail up to 10% discount on renewal premiums.