June 25, 2024

ICICI Bank UK PLC offers bank account in UK for Indian students


Mumbai, 06th October 2022 : ICICI Bank UK PLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of ICICI Bank Limited, offers a bank account to the Indian students aspiring to study in the UK called, ‘HomeVantage Current Account’ (HVCA). It is specially designed to meet every student’s banking needs in the UK. The account comes with a VISA debit card which can be used anywhere in the world.

Students can open the account, which is equivalent to savings account in India, digitally and instantly while they are still in India. They can do so online or through ICICI Bank UK iMobile app, without visiting an ICICI Bank branch. Once the account is opened, they can activate internet banking, mobile banking and debit card. The physical debit card is delivered to their address in India or UK, as per their preference.

ICICI Bank India has built an ecosystem to support students moving to UK, which can help them with all their banking requirements. Students can avail education loan, travel card, bank accounts, and money transfer to UK or vice versa through one touch point.

Mr. Pratap Singh, Head Retail Banking, ICICI Bank UK PLC said, “ICICI Bank UK has been serving the Indian diaspora for more than a decade with a range of personal, business and corporate banking services. We understand the unique banking requirements of students coming to the UK for further education and endeavour to make banking effortless for them. The digital account opening facility helps the Indian students with smooth on boarding to the UK bank account while they are still in India. The ‘HomeVantage Current Account’ and the VISA debit card helps them to take care of their day-to-day banking requirements in the UK. Students and their parents in India have a strong connect with ICICI Bank. We look forward to serving the needs of the students while they study in the UK, and their parents in India for facilitating their overseas banking needs in a convenient, safe and secure manner.”

Key features of ‘HomeVantage Current Account’:

·         Fully digital process: Students can open the bank account online either from India or in the UK and get the account details instantly*

·         Free debit card: Students receive VISA debit card at the given address of India or the UK

·         Available 24/7: The facility of digitally opening and accessing the bank account is available 24/7

HomeVantage Current Account can be applied and activated in three easy steps:

1.      Apply via mobile app or website: Applicants can download ICICI Bank UK iMobile app from India or UK App stores or apply online by visiting www.icicibank.co.uk.

2.      Submission of application: Fill in online application form, scan original passport (Indian or British) and submit the application. Account will be opened instantly*

3.      Activate internet and mobile banking: Once the account is opened, students can instantly activate internet banking and mobile banking. Debit Card will arrive at the given address in few days, which can also be activated while the student is still in India.

* Subject to checks, terms and conditions apply. For opening joint accounts, students can visit any of the nearest branches of ICICI Bank.

To know more about ICICI Bank UK PLC and HVCA, please visit https://www.icicibank.co.uk/

A quick video explaining the entire journey is available here: https://youtu.be/lIQSZJtSqfc

For any support before or during the application stage, students can reach us at ukservices@icicibank.com or call us at +44 203 478 5319.