May 18, 2024

Muthoot Finance launches new 360 degree campaign showcasing the message ‘Put your Gold to Work’


Kochi, 15 October 2022: Muthoot Finance, India’s largest gold loan NBFC Company announced the launch of their latest 360 degree marketing campaign, where in their new mascot ‘Goldman’ will be featured and the campaign will drive the message ‘Put your Gold to Work’ for their various credit needs. The campaign conceptualized & designed by Maitri Advertising Works aims to highlight how idle gold at home can be put to use and how gold loans are all weather loans. The campaign uses a comic approach and is played by some of the leading Indian comic faces like Johnny Antony, Brahmanand, Sadhu Kokila, and Redin Kingsley across four languages – Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and Tamil respectively.

This unique campaign personifies the idle gold found at home into the form of the character of ‘Goldman’. It highlights how gold loans can meet the various financial needs of people across classes and various situations, and the convenience of availing one over other credit options in the market. It uses instances like studying abroad, business requirements, and home improvement to showcase how idle gold can be put to use by its owners. Through the campaign, the company aims to connect with a newer and younger target audience to showcase how their gold assets can be monetized to fulfill their dreams and needs.

Divided into three phases, the campaign uses a diverse media mix with TV, Print, Radio, Cable TV, Magazines, Theatre, Multiplex, OOH, BTL, On ground activations, OTT, YouTube, Social Mediaand Other Digital assets being used to amplify the message. All of them revolve around the key messaging of ‘Put your Gold to Work’ and are played by regional comic legends. The TVC specially revolves around the expenses incurred on foreign education, while the digital videos cover the credit needs required for on business purposes and home improvement etc.

Speaking about the campaign, KR Bijimon, Executive Director, Muthoot Finance said, “Through this campaign we wanted to amplify the trust and faith instated in our name to a newer and larger set of younger audience. We believe that the younger people today are financially literate, and our gold loans are an ideal fit to meet their varied financial needs. There is only a partial population that considers gold loan as a quick and easy solution, but the ground is wider and deeper for us to explore. This campaign aims to showcase that, and urge our customers to use their idle gold at home to fulfil their dreams and needs.” 

Commenting on the new campaignRaju Menon, Managing Director, Maitri Advertising Works said, “As one of the South India’s largest independent agencies, we had researched the space deeply and realized that there was a huge untapped market consisting of the younger generation who are not emotional reluctant towards using their gold for credit needs. Based on this key finding, we recommended creating a unique communication for each of the four South Indian states. With this campaign we adopted a more personal and witty approach to connect with our audience, especially with the younger set. Via this campaign, we will be able to reinstate the perks of availing a gold loan over other credit options available in the market and urge people to put their idle gold to work. To address our diversified audience we wanted our campaign to be socially and culturally inclusive, henceforth our commercials have been shot in four different languages and uses a varied media mix to reach a larger set of audience.”