July 21, 2024

Making your kitchen festive ready with innovative solutions


It’s that time of year again, when the majority of Indians host parties for friends and families and eat a LOT of homemade food! With guests coming over, it’s usually a time when homes get paint finishes and new furnishings are incorporated. In the realm of home remodelling, one of the most important areas of the home, or the heart of the house, is the kitchen. This is why it becomes even more important to make the kitchen exquisite and functional. This not only increases productivity but also creates space for all our festive storage needs.

With the onset of the festive season, it’s time to start preparing your kitchen for a festive makeover. Homemakers, working individuals and millennials are particularly drawn to modular kitchens and storage innovations to make life easier. They tend to lay much emphasis on their lifestyle while considering space constraints. Here are a few innovative solutions by Godrej Locks’ revolutionary SKIDO range that will help you make your kitchen festive-ready by:

Clean up the kitchen:

Festive time is also the time for the annual festive cleaning ritual. When hosting guests in your home, having a spotless and well-organized kitchen makes a huge difference since it guarantees that everything is in its intended place, making preparation, cooking, and cleaning-up simple and allowing you to spend more time with guests. Having your cutlery and plates neatly placed and organised using adjustable partitions in drawers will put an end to cutlery clutter.

Declutter your Kitchen:

We often pack away many of our extra glassware and larger utensils in boxes, which results in unnoticed clutter in our homes. Discard everything from your Kitchen that doesn’t fit your sense of style or usefulness. It’s time to change the way your kitchen looks, whether it’s with dish towels or unused appliances. With the clutter gone, cabinets will have more space. Restack those multiple storage containers by integrating mezzanine level trays that bring order and neatness. Its specialty is the smart utilisation of vertical space in the drawer.

Utilize Every Nook for Storage:

Making the most of every square inch of space is crucial when thinking about how organising a kitchen with limited storage space. Festivities are a time for storing sweets, snacks, beverages, and other and kitchen items. This is why they need to be arranged in an organised manner. It’s easy to store all your munchies in a slide-out pantry wherein the top and bottom drawers slide out sideways, giving you full visibility of the contents and easy access to things inside.

Innovative Solutions for Every Need:

Due to the complexity of Indian cuisine, a wide variety of pans, kadhais, tavas, masala boxes, plates, thalis, and other utensils are required. The baskets and accessories that are made overseas cannot accommodate any of these. A good-looking kitchen is attractive, but an easy-to-use kitchen with innovative solutions is more crucial. To cater to all the functional needs of a kitchen, Godrej Locks has introduced innovative solutions for Indian kitchens called SKIDO (Smart Kitchen Drawers and Organisers), which includes a range of drawers, organisers, corner solutions, undersink solutions, and grain storage.