May 28, 2024

Supreme Court directs filling up of APO vacancies in Rajasthan within 6 weeks.


Jaipur 5th November 2022 Vacant APOs posts in Rajasthan had been a matter of concern for Rajasthan High Court since long, which has been supported by Supreme Court and in pursuance of the order passed by the Rajasthan High Court directed Rajasthan Government to fill up vacancies within six weeks. In order to fill those vacancies, the waiting list candidates of 2016 examination is to be considered.
Rajasthan Government took out the notification and conducted APO examination 2015-16 and selected candidates.
Rajasthan High Court showed concern about the vacant judicial offices in Rajasthan and its impact on the administration of justice in Rajasthan. After the order by the high court, the Rajasthan Government conducted examination. However, several seats remained vacant and the Government refused to fill them from the waiting list candidates on 2016 examination seeking refuge of Rule 22 which said that the waiting list has expired.
The Supreme Court directed the Rajasthan Government to consider the waiting list and fill up the vacancies from the waiting list within a period of 6 weeks.
In addition to assisting the prosecution department run smoothly and filling open APO positions across Rajasthan, this decision will also help hundreds of applicants who have been waiting for an appointment since 2016.
The waiting list candidates were represented by their AoR, Dr. Sarvam Ritam Khare.

[SLP (C) No. 15265-79/2019

State of Rajasthan Vs. Ghanshyam Khatik and Others

Date of order :31/10/2022]