June 25, 2024

IIM Udaipur Organises Sixth Edition Of Udaipur Runs – The Biggest Outdoor Event of IIMU


December 12th, 2022, Udaipur: IIM Udaipur organises the sixth edition of ‘Udaipur Runs’, the biggest outdoor event of the institute’s annual sports fest, Utkrisht. The theme for this year’s event was “Aikyam Sahcharya”, which translates to “United Companionship”. The aim is to promote unity, and synergetic companionship. This is an especially pertinent message that symbolizes cooperation and unity the nation has shown as it recovers from the pandemic. #RunForEquality campaign was promoted by Samman, the Internal Committee at IIM Udaipur, which aimed at raising awareness about gender inequality.

The event was a resounding success that saw participation from over 1200 people. The participant pool was varied, and it saw individuals from Udaipur Police and Mewari Runners Running Club as well. Udaipur Runs hosted prominent guests; Ironman Rishabh Jain, Ironman Jitendra Patel, Brigadier Commander S. Ramakrishna (VSM), Major Pratik Bhattacharya, Colonel KDS Shaktawat, Mrs. Kratika Shaktawat and Lieutenant Colonel Apurva Singh.

The event was supported by multiple prestigious brands, such as Secure Meters, Title Sponsors, Udaipur Blog, Digital Outreach Partner, Mewari Runners, Running Partners, Paras Healthcare, Hospitality Partner, Choudhary Offset Pvt. Ltd., Printing Partner, Radio City 91.9 FM, Radio Partner. Innocent Street Friends Society, Goodness Partner, VSS Hero as Logistics Partner, and Saffron, Food Partner.

Udaipur Runs is a part of Utkrisht, the annual sports fest of IIM Udaipur, which aims to foster a sporting culture within the IIMU community and leave a lasting positive impact on the city of Udaipur.