June 25, 2024

Canadian Wood hosted a seminar on ‘Creativity with Wood’with distinguished speakers in Jaipur


Jaipur, 27th December 2022: The British Columbia (B.C.) provincial government’s crown corporation, Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt Ltd, popularly known as Canadian Wood, conducted a seminar on ‘Creativity with Wood’ in Jaipur on 22 December 2022. The company provides certified wood sourced from sustainably managed forests in British Columbia (B.C.), Canada,and promotes the use of certified wood. It brings together original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), architects, interior designers, and project management consultants, to discuss the growing trend for using wood for innovative and creative applications.

The session began with a welcome note and message by Mr. PraneshChhibber, Country Director, Canadian Wood to set the tone, followed by presentations from distinguished speakers. Samiir Wheaton, Founder, Wheaton Design Pvt Ltd spoke about the benefits of Canadian Wood and how companies are highly relying on heavy machinery which cuts down the labour cost. Architect, Shrey Tiwari of DesignTellers spoke about his project, Candrol Centre of Oncology. Mr. Vinod Baid of Director – Dileep Industries Pvt Ltd shared insights on how the demand for certified and sustainable wood is on an upswing. The session was seamlessly moderated by Mr. Arif Moosa; Manager, Marketing at Canadian Wood and it was concluded by a Vote of Thanks by Mr. Rambeer Singh Yadav, Assistant Director Business Development.

Speaking about wood in manufacturing, Mr. PraneshChhibber, Country Director, Canadian Wood, said, Canadian Wood focuses on educating the market about the application of wood. We put customers in touch with buyers to ease the process and enable creativity. Canadian Wood is easy to use, seasoned, and comes from highly matured trees. Additionally, in India, the manufacturing industry was highly unorganized and fragmented. Now, it is getting back on track, via standardized protocols. We are reaping benefits of seasoned and graded wood.”

Samiir Wheaton of Wheaton Design Pvt Ltd, said, “We prefer Canadian Wood because they are high in quality, sustainable and cost-effective. This allows us to be creative with the wood and design and helps us attract more customers. Earlier there was more focus on European designs but with modern trends and aesthetics, people are now moving to trendy designs in terms of new colours, and seamless application of wood that will help them to create such designs.”

Shrey Tiwari of DesignTellers said, “Canadian Wood is an amazing choice as they are easy to use, genuine, dimension specific, consistent, and standardized! We are always looking for the experimenting with the woods in terms of creativity and now the demand for woods has been getting increasing day by day.”

Vinod Baid, Director, Dileep Industries Pvt Ltd said, “Nowadays the demand for woods to manufacture furniture is getting higher and requires faster mechanisms in place hence we chose Canadian Wood. Canadian wood is prompt in delivery and the texture is always genuine. It is also dimension specific in shape and size. Hence, it reduces the quality check time and the output is always consistent”

FII largely promotes 5 wood species in India that are sourced from the sustainably managed forests of B.C., Canada.  These five species, namely Douglas, western hemlock, western red cedar, yellow cedar and spruce-pine-fir (SPF), are recommended for different applications each. Through a strong network of 40+ stockists, these species are available in 23 cities across India.