June 25, 2024

IIM Udaipur Incubation Centre Invites Applications for Social Impact Innovation Grant Program


December 27, 2022, Udaipur: IIM Udaipur Incubation Centre (IIMUIC)invites applications from promising social impact start-upsusing business models to tackle India’s most pressing social challenges. The program offers resources to scale up the impact andsupport the business model of start-ups with social innovation at their core and a self-sustaining business model. Additionally, the program also offers growth opportunities and access to finance.

The programme will offer seed investment of upto 10 lacs per start-up, Incubation and acceleration support for the next 12 months, customised mentoring workshops and capacity-building sessions, follow-on investment support from the IIMUIC investment community, and networking and pilot opportunities with partners.

Ms. Suresh Dhaka, the CEOof IIM Udaipur Incubation Centre,said, “With this program, IIMU’s Incubation Centre is promoting the social cause in society. We aim to support and mentor the ‘social-preneurs’ who are innovative and working towards addressing the social challenges through their start-ups. Our goal is to assist those who need guidance to build a distinctive business model to help them achieve self-sustaining and access to finance. We hope the program would additionally help to develop corporate social-preneurs.”

The program registration began on Dec 21, 2022, and the last registration date will be 5th Jan 2023.Start-ups who get selected will get numerous offerings from the program. With upto seed investments of Rs 10 Lacs per start-up, the start-ups will also get incubation and acceleration support for the next 12 months. The incubation centre will also provide customised mentorship workshops to deal with real-life social challenges andcapacity-building sessions to enhance business knowledge among entrepreneurs. And lastly, the program will provide networking and pilot opportunities with partnersand connect with investors to offer further exposure to the industry.


  1. Have been operating in India for a minimum of 1 year.
  2. Have early traction or validation with customers.
  3. Have a mission to solve social or environmental challenges with clear intentionality of impact and alignment to the SDGs.
  4. Are duly registered and recognised by DPIIT.
  5. We highly encourage social enterprises led by women to apply.


Thematic Areas

Applications are invited from start-ups from the thematic areas listed below:

  • Environmental Conservation
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Sustainable Rural Economy
  • Technologies for Better Governance
  • Economic Growth of SMEs
  • Gender Diversity & Inclusion
  • Clean and Green Energy
  • Affordable and Quality Education
  • Clean water and sanitation


For any queries, contact: incubation@iimu.ac.in

Website: www.iimuic.org