July 21, 2024

Step up your New Year’s Resolution Game with these Health and Wellness products

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With 2023 quickly approaching, many are starting to think about their resolutions for the new year. Each year, one of the most common New Year’s goals is to lead a healthier lifestyle. If your 2023 health objectives involve exercising more, eating better, and engaging in an active lifestyle, Modicare Limited has you covered with products you’ll need to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Well Gummies Range

Gummy vitamins are emerging as heroes, revolutionising the health and beauty industries. Nutritional gummies, packed with vitamins and minerals, help improve overall health and well-being. Giving a fun twist to nutrition, Well Gummies range from Modicare underlines and advocates the need for improved dietary and lifestyle habits, especially among people who are always on the go. The range is apt for people who are not able to meet their nutritional requirements, given their busy lifestyle. The ‘Well Gummy’ range, priced at justRs.699/- eachoffers five different variants viz. Well Hair, Skin & Nail Gummy, Well Perfect Body Gummy, Well Detox Gummy, Well Sharp Eye Gummy, and Well Yummy-tamin Gummy. These gummies are 100% natural, devoid of any artificial colours, and rich in flavours with expertise from Europe & USA. Adding to the benefits, the nutrient-rich gummies also increase energy, strengthen immunity, improve metabolism and boost overall well-being.

Well Sports Range

An increased consumer preference for leading an active, healthy lifestyle is one of the key factors driving the market. It is predicted that the increase will be propelled by young customers who make fitness a priority in their lifestyles. If you are someone who is willing to become a healthier version of yourself and your goal is to check any of the following off your fitness agenda – muscle support and recovery, muscle building and repair, power strength, stamina, or just a boost of instant energy, then Well Sports range by Modicare has got you covered. It addresses the three key principles of sports nutrition—Fuelling, Hydration & Recovery and helps meet your pre, intra, and post-workout nutritional requirements through its varied range of products. With 7 comprehensive offerings namely Performance Whey Protein, Performance Whey Protein Isolate, Super Mass Gainer, 100% Creatine Micronized, BCAA Advanced, Isotonic, and L-Carnitine crafted using specialised formulas, be sure to rock all your workout phases.  Priced between Rs. 799/- to Rs. 9,949/-, the performance-driven products with zero banned substances that are vegetarian and gluten-free have been scientifically developed to drive the best in you.

Well Intellecte

In the hustle bustle of life, health and fitness are oftenneglected; this New Year’s, takeon a resolution to look after yourself and enhance your well-being for the year to come. Well Intellecte by Modicare contains broad spectrum antioxidantsthat are known for promoting good health. It is a  powerhouse of 3 potent antioxidants, Enzogenol®- the main ingredient of Well lntellecte is a Natural PineBark Extract from New Zealand, produced using aninternationally patented Pure Water Extraction method.Along with powerful plant nutrients of Acerola CherryExtract and Citrus Bioflavonoids; daily intake of thesepotent antioxidants is proven to boost immunity andreduce oxidative damage to cells. Priced at Rs.1140/-, Well Intellecte will not only enhance the quality of yourhealth, but also the quality of your life!


Our vital organs bear the brunt of modern-day lifestyle. And it is not always conducive to balancethe food intake with nutrients such as Omega 3 Fatty Acids essential for optimum – heart, liver, joint andcognitive health.Well Omega 3 Antarctic Krill Oil is the easiest way to fortify the health of your vital organs. It is madewith Superba 2™ Krill Oil that has long chain Omega 3s bound to Phospholipids. Powered by thesePhospholipids, Well Omega 3 Antarctic Krill Oil ensures the delivery of the key fatty acids EPA andDHA to various parts of the body such as the brain, heart, eyes, liver and joints. This Krill Oil is sourcedfrom Krill harvested in the Earth’s cleanest waters in Antarctica and is extracted Extracted using patentedFlexitech technology.  Priced at just Rs. 1550/-, Well Omega 3 Antarctic Krill Oilsoftgels do not carry fishy aftertaste and are easy toswallow.

*All the products under the Modicare range are available across the country through Modicare Consultants.