April 19, 2024

Pre-Budget Quote_Vidit Aatrey, Founder & CEO- Meesho, India’s fastest-growing internet commerce company


Budget 2023 gives our visionary government an opportunity to put our MSMEs in the fast lane, building on its proactive efforts to transform the small business economy. First, the government can bolster working capital for e-commerce suppliers by lowering GST on input services like logistics and facilitating refunds of accumulated input tax credit. Over April-November 2022, ~2.9 lakh sellers on Meesho dealing in products that attract <18% GST saw input tax credit accumulation of Rs 265 crore.

Second, expediting the implementation of GST relaxation norms for small online businesses will allow millions of them to realize their full potential.

Further, with the National Logistics Policy bringing down costs for the ecosystem and strengthening distribution networks, the government could leverage the unmatched reach of India Post and Indian Railways to help our MSMEs meet rising e-commerce demand from small towns and villages in a fast and reliable manner, thereby boosting their competitiveness