April 13, 2024

Budget reaction quote by Balram Yadav, Godrej Agrovet Ltd.


“Picking up the strings from the last year’s budget, the Union Budget 2023-24 is a step forward in leveraging technology for improved agriculture in India. Educating farmers on the new-age technology and realigning crop planning based on climatic conditions is a necessity and it is herein that digital open infrastructure will play critical role – improving access to farm inputs as well as intelligence. With our country’s startups playing a critical role in building innovative and affordable solutions for farmers, enhanced collaboration within the eco-system will go a long way in enhancing farmers productivity and profitability. Parallelly, the agriculture credit and insurance initiatives would aid farmers to invest in better techniques while the duty reduction in marine products would motivate shrimp manufactures. With India emerging as a net exporter of agriculture and allied products, this budget can be termed tech-focused-inclusive budget for Indian farmers – the one which focuses on supply and input sides to enable farmers get better price for their produce.”