April 19, 2024

Kalyan Jewellers’ Gifting Guide for Valentine’s Day


True love withstands the test of time and so does Kalyan Jellewers’ intricate and timeless jewellery.  With options ranging from 22K gold designs and diamond embedded jewellery sets among the few, woo your loved one’s heart this Valentines’s Day with exquisite gifting options from Kalyan Jewellers.

Kalyan Jewellers brings you the top 6 jewellery picks that are minimal yet versatile. Wear them alone or layer with matching pieces from the collection for an elegant and well-accessorised look. Explore these exquisitely crafted pieces of jewellery, each more precious than the other and get ready to look your very best this Valentine’s Day!

To make the season of love all the more joyful, Kalyan Jewellers has announced flat 10% off on this exclusive Valentine’s Day Collection. Customers can avail this special discount across Kalyan Jewellers’ showrooms in India till 14th February, 2023.


The infinity necklace from Kalyan Jewellers, embedded with diamonds, is the perfect symbol of eternal love. The three hearts set onto the infinity element signify the three pillars of a bond- rose gold for love, white gold for friendship and yellow gold for fidelity. This minimal yet intricately detailed necklace is the perfect gift for everyday use.
This pair of infinity studs features diamonds and three hearts in rose, white and yellow gold. Inspired by a love that lasts forever, a universally recognized sign of deep connection – the infinity symbol, makes these earrings an impactful gift for your loved one this Valentine’s.
Very similar to the trendy ‘Toi et Moi’ (You and Me) ring, this piece from Kalyan Jewellers wraps around the finger bringing two different motifs together- the diamond embedded star and the detailed, 22K gold heart. The uniqueness and versatility of this ring ensures your loved one would wear this on repeat.


A caterpillar butterfly, studded with rubies carefully placed on an open heart makes this pair of earrings so beautiful and delicate- sure to stand out and amp up your outfit with a subtle and classy pop of color.
Rubies are known to be a symbol of love and commitment, while a butterfly symbolizes growth and new beginnings; both intertwined together on the 22K gold heart shaped pendant makes this minimalistic neck piece a standout gift this Valentine’s.
Set your heart a-flutter with this romantic Valentine’s themed bracelet made in 22K gold by Kalyan Jewellers. The motif at the centre features a minimal, delicate rose at the core and is also surrounded with two hearts linked to each other on either sides.