June 25, 2024

YES SECURITIES launches investor awareness campaign, Udaan for B30 Towns


Mumbai, February 10, 2023: To educate and empower investors in the B30 towns, YES SECURITIES, one of India’s leading Wealth Broking firms, has announced the launch of a new investor education campaign, Udaan in partnership with educational planning platform, Invest4Edu. Udaan aims to equip individuals and families, mostly young parents with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed financial decisions and take flight towards their financial goals.

As part of the campaign, YES SECURITIES and Invest4Edu will be jointly hosting a series of webinars and workshops designed to teach the basics of investing, budgeting, and financial & education planning in B30 cities starting with Bhagalpur in Bihar on February 12. Further, in February, the team will be travelling to

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12th February 2023




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25th February 2023


Uttar Pradesh

These events will be open to the public, mostly young parents and will feature expert speakers from the company’s team and industry.

In addition, YES SECURITIES will be offering special promotions and discounts on its investment products during the duration of this entire campaign. These deals will be available exclusively to those who attend the company’s educational events.

“We are thrilled to launch this investor education campaign that will aim to help kickstart the financial planning journey of a lot of young parents in the country. The name Udaan signifies a flight towards one’s financial goals. As per latest data, total demat accounts account for only 10% of the total population whereas some developed countries have this as high as 50%,” said Anshul Arzare, Joint MD and CEO of YES SECURITIES. “We believe that financial literacy is essential for achieving long-term financial success, and we are committed to helping our clients and the community at large to achieve their financial goals. A new age investor must focus on long-term wealth creation and the affluent investor must focus on preserving wealth along with risk-adjusted returns. We want to become partners in wealth creation for all our clients and we want this journey to be for everyone, not just Tier-I investors.”

“Less than 30% of Indian parents use money from dedicated education savings. To meet the aspirations of India’s youth bulge amid the rising cost of education it is imperative for every Indian parent to start education planning. Along with YES SECURITIES, we plan to reach out to people of 100 cities based in tier II, III and IV through our on-ground activities in the next one year. Our platform is built to democratize access to education, planning, and saving for every individual to plan their kids’ future financially and psychometrically which they truly deserve without compromising on lifestyle. It provides an opportunity to make better financial decisions towards the biggest outflow of 90% of Indian households which is funding the entire education of their children.” said Rozy Efzal, CEO Invest4Edu.