June 25, 2024

How Moneyboxx empowered Heera Bai with financial stability


Microbusinesses have historically been the main drivers of job creation in most dynamic economies. One such inspiring account was given by Heera Bai, a 51-year-old woman entrepreneur from Nayagaon, Kota, Rajasthan, who is her family’s sole breadwinner and is determined to try her hand at entrepreneurship to support her family.

The road is not simple for women entrepreneurs, especially in rural regions, as starting a business is a challenging task. Despite her struggle to meet her daily financial needs, Heera Bai start her business from a kirana shop with very little funding and a kaccha home intervention that required big investments.

Heera Bai needed assistance to realise her dream, which was offered when Moneyboxx Finance (Moneyboxx) provided her a helping hand. After recognising Heera Bai’s struggle, Moneyboxx stepped up to provide her with a loan, which she used to expand her business into new areas like clothing and bangles and accomplish her dream of owning her own company.

She expanded her shop, made a separate shop and gate for the bangle store, and opened additional sources of income thanks to the ongoing help given to her by Moneyboxx during her journey toward economic empowerment. In addition, she could meet consumer demands in all areas of her business owing to the loan amount, which allowed her to maintain a high stock level and enhance sales. Moneyboxx transformed Heera Bai’s life by granting her a loan for a third time to continue her journey of women’s empowerment and livelihood improvement.

Heera Bai’s amazing journey toward realising her goals and improving her family’s financial situation has inspired more women to assess their capacities, set goals, and work tirelessly to accomplish them. Moneyboxx Finance is committed to lending a helping hand to deserving people who want to escape financial hardship and lead respectable lives.