May 29, 2024

Adani Cement wins Multiple Awards for Safety at OHSSAI Awards 2022


Mumbai, 14th March 2023: Adani Cement has been honoured with multiple awards for safety by the Occupational Health, Safety & Sustainability Association of India (OHSSAI). OHSSAI is a leading not-for-profit organization that focuses on innovative ideas in occupational health, safety, environmental & sustainability areas and recognizes companies and the leaders who demonstrate exceptional commitment to safety and health of their employees.

Adani Cement received awards in several categories in the Manufacturing Sector, including:

•                      OHSSAAI Road Safety Gold Award

•                      OHSSAAI Safety Silver Award

In the individual awards segment,

•                      Mr. Sukuru Ramarao, COO has been honoured with HSE Leadership Award for his immense contribution towards supporting the cause of HSE and Sustainability over the years.

•                      Mr. Pankaj Singh, Head – Safety, Manufacturing & Logistics has been recognized as the HSE&S Mentor of the Year for his contribution towards OHS and Road Safety.

Mr Ajay Kapur, CEO, Cement Business, said “We are proud to be recognized by OHSSAI for our safety achievements. Safety is an integral part of our overall business strategy, and we are committed to continually improving our safety performance and achieving excellence in all areas of our operations. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for our employees.”

The awards presented to Adani Cement and its leaders are a testament to the Company’s dedication to safety and the efforts it has made to create a safe and healthy work environment. These recognitions highlight Adani Cement’s commitment to sustainable practices in the manufacturing sector, and its focus on implementing best practices in health, safety, and the environment. The Company’s safety initiatives have led to a significant reduction in accidents and injuries and have helped create a safer workplace for all its employees.