May 28, 2024

Rajasthani Yuva Samiti’s hardwork pays off well Very soon Rajasthani will get the status of official language of the State


Jaipur March 18, 2022 – Taking a historic move, the Deputy Leader of the opposition party Mr. Rajendra Rathore brought a calling attention motion in the Assembly regarding Article 345, which led the Education Minister Dr. B.D. Kalla confirming the formation of a dedicated committee which will work towards the consideration and declaration of Rajasthani as the second official language of Rajasthan. He said that this committee, after studying the model of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, will submit a report regarding recognition of Rajasthani language on the basis/ model of there report.

The national advisor of the committee, Rajveer Singh Chalkoi, will hold a session on Rajasthani in the “Bhasha Ka Mela” program which is scheduled on March 23 and 24. Founder, Himanshu Kiran Sharma will also take a session on Rajasthani on Rajasthan Sthapna Diwas.

Founder of the committee, Mr. Himanshu Kiran Sharma, credited the success of this event, to the hard work of more than one lakh youth members and blessings of millions of Rajasthanis accross the world. The committee will continue to work towards its goal until Rajasthani is given the status of an official state language.

The Rajasthani Yuva Samiti has been fighting for this cause for a long time, and the committee’s efforts have finally borne fruit.

The samiti has been able to connect lakhs of youths from all over rajasthan with the movement called “Hailo Mayad Bhasha Rau” to make Rajasthani the state language.

The committee’s innovative methods to reach out to the youth has been successful in raising awareness about the issue. Rajasthani Yuva Samiti has continuously created an conducive environment by organizing march and dialog at the assembly and candle march at the Martyr’s Memorial on the day of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas; Giving a request letter to Govind ji in Govind Dev ji’s temple resulting besieging Minister Mahesh Joshi to address the youth about the issue. It has created awareness among the youth by organizing blood donation camps; protests by bike rally from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, seeking legal support to make Rajasthani the official language in alliance with successive MLAs.

The youth members kept attempting to share the concerns with CM despite of CM’s ignorance on the matter. Bearing the flag of this great cause
the committee didn’t give up and seeked help from the deputy leader of the opposition to raise this issue in the assembly. Rajendra Rathore ,understanding this issue suggested for preparing a draft. Abiding to that, a proposal was made along with the Rajasthan Yuva Samiti to attract the attention of state government.

Jaipur in-charge Shubham Rewar said that the Rajasthani Youth samiti is working day and night to bring common people and other committes to put there voice together for Rajasthani language in all over Rajasthan on a single platform.

Its been a historic year for the committee. The committee is also in constant contact with the ministers of the central government and is creating an atmosphere to claim recognition in the 8th schedule.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Mr. Rajendra Rathore expressed his joy at the news and commended the efforts of the Rajasthani Youth Committee .With the support of the youth, it is determined to achieve its goal.