May 28, 2024

Takeda Showcases Digital Health Solutions at G20 Meeting in India


New Delhi, 20 April 2023: Takeda Biopharmaceuticals India Private Limited, (formerly known as Baxalta Bioscience India Pvt. Ltd.), a global values-based, R&D-driven biopharmaceutical leader showcased its cutting-edge digital innovations at the G20 Health Working Group meeting, held in Goa, India, from April 17th to April 19th.

The G20 Health Working Group is a forum that brings together health experts and policymakers from the world’s 20 largest economies to discuss key health issues and develop policy recommendations. Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya, Hon’ble Union Health Minister, Government of India, inaugurated the digital health exhibition.

The G20 meeting’s focus was ‘Citizen-Centric Health Delivery Ecosystems for Universal Health Coverage leveraging Digital Health and Innovations,’ where discussions were held on creating a digital health ecosystem, innovations in healthcare, technology aiding continuing care, and digital public health goods. The meeting was attended by representatives of G20 member countries, special invitee countries, and relevant international organizations.

“We are truly honored to be part of the prestigious G20 event which is aimed at achieving a collaborative effort to deal with the world’s most pressing health challenges, said Serina Fischer, General Manager of Takeda Biopharmaceutical India Pvt Ltd. “At Takeda, we are committed to meeting the unmet needs of patients by discovering and delivering life-transforming treatments and innovative solutions. India is a key country for our company, and we look forward to connecting and exploring synergies to achieve Universal Healthcare for All for a healthier and brighter world through our participation in this platform. We firmly believe that healthcare is a fundamental right for every individual, and we applaud this platform for bringing together meaningful dialogues toward this goal. Under the presidency of India, we at Takeda are optimistic about the positive and long-lasting impact.”

“Data and technology have the power to transform the way we approach healthcare. At Takeda, we are committed to leveraging advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and digital solutions to accelerate and enhance patient care and improve health outcomes. By combining our deep scientific expertise with cutting-edge technology, we can create a brighter future for patients and the healthcare ecosystem.” said Gabriele Ricci, Chief Data and Technology Officer, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited.

Emphasizing the significance of digital innovations in healthcare, Ruchi Sogarwal, Head of Corporate Affairs, Takeda Biopharmaceutical India Pvt Ltd, said, “The very ethos of our company is focused on meeting the unmet needs of the patients and we are proud to be a part of this G20 gathering. Digital innovations have transformed virtually every aspect of our lives, and healthcare is no exception. The potential benefits of these innovations are enormous, including improved patient outcomes, increased access to care, and more efficient healthcare delivery. In a world that is recuperating from a global pandemic, a collaborative effort to address every unmet health concern becomes a priority. Our participation in the G20 Health working group meeting provided a platform to showcase our capabilities and explore potential collaborations with G20 member countries.”

“At Takeda, we are committed to leveraging digital solutions to transform healthcare”, said Puneet Chopra, Head – Data, Digital and Technology, Takeda Biopharmaceutical India Pvt Ltd. “Our innovative solutions, MyPKFit, SYNAPSE, and Athena, are aimed at improving patient outcomes and advancing healthcare access. We are excited to have showcased our digital capabilities at the G20 meeting and explore opportunities to collaborate with stakeholders to drive digital health innovation and adoption.”

Details of the three solutions presented at the event can be found here:

  • MyPKFit MYPKFIT, FDA approved application, offers personalised and interactive prophylaxis treatment option that enables both healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients in real-time monitoring of factor VIII levels on smartphones thereby adapting their activity decisions accordingly and help improve their quality of life. Alerts are sent to patients on prophylaxis when their estimated factor VIII levels are low, and reminds them when their infusions are due, thereby providing excellent prophylactic coverage.


  • Synapse – Synapse is a valuable platform designed to enhance awareness and knowledge sharing among healthcare professionals (HCPs), in line with Takeda’s core philosophy of “better health, brighter future.” With its scientific and value-driven approach, Synapse has successfully engaged over 4000 HCPs through scientific exchange and educational initiatives, leading to significant positive impact on many lives. The platform’s primary objective is to improve awareness and enhance standards of care, thereby optimizing patient benefits. Synapse also fosters academic partnerships with scientific societies to help build quality HCP education and awareness. Furthermore, it aims to identify unmet medical needs, gather insights, and provide patient health improvement-oriented solutions to improve standards of care. In essence, Synapse is a comprehensive and innovative platform that seeks to empower HCPs with the knowledge and tools necessary to make a positive impact on patients’ lives.


  • Athena – The Athena App MVP is a digital health solution that enables remote patient data capture and improved patient engagement for Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase Positive (ALK+) Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) patients, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals (HCPs). The MVP will consist of three elements: a device-agnostic app for patients, a Fitbit wearable device, and a web-based portal or PDF summary for HCPs. The functionalities of the Athena App MVP support tracking of passive and active metrics of Quality of Life (QOL) for NSCLC patients, HCPs, and researchers. The patient-centered app enables remote tracking of symptoms, quality of life, medications, activity, and educational content. Patients receive all tasks in a timeline and can add reminders, while also completing bespoke or validated questionnaires such as EQ5D5L. The Fitbit wearable device captures key metrics that can inform a patient’s and HCP’s view of Quality of Life. HCPs can access patient data generated from the app through a web-based portal or PDF summary, which incorporates telemedicine and messaging for direct communication.


The Athena App MVP leverages a smartphone app integrated with consumer wearables and empowers patients to easily track, understand, and communicate simple, robust measures of QOL. It also provides a way for HCPs to engage holistically with patient QOL, including personal goals, activity, sleep, mental health, and cognition. Furthermore, the validated data collected from the MVP can be used by Takeda to demonstrate real-world outcomes and develop novel solutions. Project Athena seeks to develop a QOL tracking solution that benefits patients, HCPs, and researchers.