May 28, 2024

Bikaner House Resident Commissioner’s Office Launches Helpline Numbers For Rajasthanis in Sudan


New Delhi/Jaipur 22nd April 2023 : In the light of the ongoing conflict in Sudan, Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot has expressed concern for Non-Resident Rajasthanis (NRRs) who are stranded in the foreign country. In response, the Bikaner House Resident Commissioner’s Office has released helpline numbers for those in need of assistance or information. According to the list provided to the MEA, there are at least 40 Rajasthanis who are currently stranded in Rajasthan.

The ACS (Coordination) cum Chief Resident Commissioner, Bikaner House, Smt. Shubhra Singh, has requested NRRs to contact the helpline numbers provided on social media channels and the website of Rajasthan Foundation. The RC office is collaborating with the MEA and local authorities to offer support and make necessary arrangements for the stranded Rajasthanis. Those who require assistance can contact the helpline numbers at +91 83060 09838, 0141-2229111, and 011-23070807.

Shri Dhiraj Srivastava, Resident Commissioner (Bikaner House) at New Delhi & Commissioner (Rajasthan Foundation) attended a meeting with MEA officials in the national capital to discuss the current situation and ensure that all Rajasthanis in Sudan receive the necessary assistance. “The state government is committed to ensuring the safety of its citizens in the conflict zone and will work with NRR Mitras to support those affected by the conflict in Sudan,” added the CRF.

During the meeting attended by the Additional Secretary of the MEA and the Resident Commissioner, it was divulged that the MEA is prepared to provide relief measures and evacuate stranded Indians. A list of 161 stranded persons in Sudan, including 40 Rajasthanis, and their contact numbers have been provided to the MEA. The Rajasthan Foundation, with the assistance of Non-Resident Rajasthanis from neighboring countries, provided these details and Rajasthan was possibly the first state to share authentic information with the MEA.
However, the current situation on the ground in Sudan is not conducive to intervention without appropriate safety measures due to the risk of sniper attacks at the airport and port. The MEA has advised obtaining the contact details of relatives in India for communication purposes and has made arrangements for the supply of food and water.The stranded individuals have been advised to remain confined to safe houses and not to panic.
The helpline numbers launched by the Rajasthan government are with the purpose to provide aid and support to Rajasthani citizens during this crisis. The state government had previously provided emergency helpline numbers for NRRs affected by natural disasters like earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.