May 18, 2024

Team Sapiens enterprising women discuss work from home and financial schemes of Rajasthan government


Jaipur, April 25, 2023: Rajasthan government’s work from home scheme along with other ambitious entrepreneurial schemes were discussed in a Power Brunch session organized under the joint aegis of Sapiens Group and Saksham Sanchar Foundation at Hilton Jaipur.

Ajay Aswal, Joint Secretary, Government of Rajasthan explained in detail about the process of work from home scheme launched by the Government of Rajasthan and said that it caters to both employees and entrepreneurs.

Mayor of Jaipur Soumya Gurjar said on the occasion that
Women in India have been empowered for centuries.
However, medieval India made women weak. Now women are again coming to power and are holding each other’s hands to come forward.

Speaking on the occasion, Himanshi Gehlot, founder of the NGO and daughter-in-law of CM Ashok Gehlot, narrated how her mother-in-law, Sunita Gehlot, who was fond of singing, recently launched her album on YouTube after taking music classes.
She said that women need to take their mother and mother-in-law forward and fulfill their dreams which they themselves could not fulfill.

Sapiens member Neha Gupta said that women should shun the pursuit of perfection and focus on their work.

Other women members present on the occasion also shared their views on moving forward but with a focused approach and not under the pressure of perfection.
Archana Sharma, convener of Saksham Sanchar Foundation, said that women should dream high and work towards achieving their goals, but without falling into the trap of perfection.

Prashant Gupta, Sunita Sharma, and Payal Chowdhary also discussed women empowerment.