July 21, 2024

BeatO and IIHMR-Delhi launch a unique course to fill the gap for skilled Diabetes care professionals


New Delhi, 03 May 2023: In a bid to amplify awareness about diabetes and to address the growing need for diabetes care and management in the country, BeatO – a comprehensive digital care platform for controlling and reversing diabetes, has partnered with The International Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) Delhi – a globally recognized and leading healthcare research institute in the country, to launch a competitive  course – Certificate in Diabetes Education. This 10-week course is an industry-first collaboration between a health-tech platform and an esteemed educational and research institute in India. The course aims to provide comprehensive training to healthcare professionals which will eventually bridge the gap in the availability of diabetes care educators in India. We envision creating a field force of certified diabetes educators who will significantly contribute to the prevention and control of this life-style disease.

A recent report by FICCI and KPMG, titled “Strengthening healthcare workforce in India: the 2047 agenda”,[1] highlights the need to improve education infrastructure and social benefits to promote healthcare as a preferred profession in the future. The report also states that India has 33.5 health workers per 10,000 population, which is lower than the WHO recommendation of 44.5 skilled health workers per 10,000 persons. The gap between  demand and supply of the healthcare workforce and the availability of healthcare education institutes is apparent.

Speaking on the collaboration, Gautam Chopra, the CEO and Founder of BeatO, said, “Diabetes is a significant public health issue in India, and it requires a multidisciplinary approach to manage the condition effectively. We are pleased to announce this diabetes educator certification course in collaboration with  IIHMR-Delhi – a  leader in the healthcare education space. This partnership is aligned with our mission to provide high-quality diabetes care to people across India. We are confident that this course will help train healthcare professionals who can provide comprehensive diabetes care.”

The Certificate in Diabetes Education aims to address the gap by providing healthcare professionals like paramedical staff, nurses, dietitians, and caretakers working in hospitals, clinics or in the community with  necessary skills and knowledge to provide high-quality care to people with diabetes. Through this course the healthcare professionals will  gain hands-on experience in diabetes care. BeatO experts will leverage best clinical practices, scientific studies, and vast experience of diabetes care professionals towards  practical training components and IIHMR-Delhi will lend technical expertise towards quality assurance, systematic  delivery, and certification. Upon completion of the course, the aspirants will receive  certification from BeatO and IIHMR-Delhi.

“At BeatO, we are striving continuously to ensure that every person with Diabetes in India has access to quality healthcare, and this course with IIHMR-Delhi is a step in the same direction.” Chopra further added.

The curriculum of the course is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals in managing diabetes.

“We are delighted to partner with BeatO to launch this unique Certificate in Diabetes Education course,” said Prof. Sutapa B. Neogi, Director of IIHMR-Delhi,  a renowned public health specialist. “Designed in collaboration with BeatO, it will equip healthcare professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide personalized care to people with diabetes across the nation. Our partnership with BeatO will help pave the way for partnerships between academia and industry in India, which will  address the shortage of trained diabetes care professionals in India. We are proud to offer a course in collaboration with BeatO that we strongly believe will improve the quality of diabetes care in the country.”

Course Director Dr. Navneet Agrawal, Chief Clinical Officer at BeatO, added, “Millions of individuals in India are affected by  diabetes, a chronic health condition. Numerous consequences, including cardiovascular illness, nerve damage, renal damage, and vision loss, may result from it if it is not managed properly. Doctors  prescribe medications and give advice, but the continuity of care and adherence to a proper lifestyle needs  constant support from a certified professional. This course will enable and empower people with diabetes, their caretakers and healthcare professionals to ensure that they lead a healthy life and avoid undue complications.”

Diabetes management is intricate therefore to ensure access to quality and affordable healthcare, BeatO aims to establish a standard for specialization through its expertise and knowledge in patient-centric diabetes care.