April 19, 2024

Decoding people’s India Quotient or ‘IQ’


Mumbai, 23rd  May, 2023: To mark the occasion of India’s presidency of G20, several UNESCO world heritage sites across the country were illuminated. This event highlighted the best aspects of India’s history, culture, geography, nature, and food. In light of this, the Club Mahindra India Quotient Survey released its latest findings, which showcase the level of knowledge that Indians have about their own country’s diversity, culture, heritage, and cuisine. According to the study, The ‘India Quotient’ of Ahmedabad residents is 95% being the highest, Coimbatore at 76%,  Mumbai is at 75%, Delhi is at 59%, Bangalore at 57% while the ‘India Quotient’ of Kochi residents is 31%.Ahmedabad’s knowledge remains consistently high across geography, art and culture, and cuisine with 81%, 93% and 96% quotient respectively.

A deeper dive into the art and culture aspect reveals that 99% of Ahmedabad residents know about the Khajuraho festival in Madhya Pradesh, compared with 80% in Mumbai, 60% in Delhi, 54% in Bangalore, and 22% in Kochi. In Kolkata, 93% in of correspondents know that Pashmina shawls are from Kashmir, compared to, 92% in Ahmedabad, 87% in Mumbai, 84% in Coimbatore & 82% in Patna. Paithani sarees are from Maharashtra, according to 93% respondents in Surat, 89% in Pune, 88% of Ahmedabad compared to 65% in Lucknow & 60% in Delhi. 90% of Ahmedabad’s population knows that Kathak is a classical dance from Uttar Pradesh, compared to 61% in Pune, 57% in Hyderabad, and 44% in Jaipur.

The Geography Quotient of Surat respondents was 82%, followed by Ahmedabad’s 81%. Furthermore, 98% of respondents from Surat know that Kumbhalgarh fort’s wall is the second-longest wall in the world, after the Great Wall of China, and is located in Rajasthan. Similarly, 99% of respondents from Ahmedabad know that the Dalai Lama lives in Dharamshala, compared with 81% in Mumbai, 67% in Bangalore 65% in Delhi, and 13% in Kochi. The Ahmedabad respondents know that Mussorie is known as the Queen of Hills, compared to 74% in Lucknow, 71% in Chandigarh, 70% in Delhi, & 70% in Mumbai.

Among Indians, cuisine holds a special place in their hearts, and Ahmedabad once again tops the Cuisine Quotient with 96%, followed by Kolkata with 25%. In addition, 97% of Ahmedabad respondents are aware that Appam is a Kerala delicacy, compared with 80% in Mumbai, 47% in Delhi, 43% in Bangalore, and 20% in Kolkata. 91% of the respondents from Ahmedabad know that Aipan is the folk art created by Uttarakhand compared to 91% in Ahmedabad, 72% in Mumbai, 64% in Hyderabad & 52% in Pune.

Pratik Mazumder, Chief Marketing Officer, Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited, emphasized that there is still much for Indians to discover and learn about their own country’s rich culture and heritage. With over 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, Club Mahindra invites guests to its well-appointed resorts in India’s cultural hotspots, where they can explore the country’s diverse aspects of art, history, geography, cuisine, and culture. They plan to continue adding resorts and experiences across India to help guests experience all the unique aspects of Indian culture.