May 28, 2024

Caution for Investors


Mumbai, 10 June 2023 : It has been brought to the notice of the Exchange that persons named “Suman Mahajan” “Susmita Nag” and “Tushar Kanti Mondal” are collecting funds from the public and providing assured/guaranteed returns on investment & unauthorized Portfolio Management Services in stock market in the name of “Angel One Industry” “Zerodha Industry”, “Dream Solution”, “Dream Solution Stock Broking Services”, “Natural Health Care”, “Natural Health Care Pvt Ltd”, “Health Solutions”, “Natural Health Care and Hospitality Pvt Ltd.” operating through mobile number “8927652376” “8229999822” and “9830440100” and website, and  

Investors are requested to take note that Angel One Ltd & Zerodha Broking Ltd, registered trading members of Exchange, have informed NSE that the above-mentioned persons/entities are not associated with them in any manner.

The investors are cautioned and advised not to subscribe to any such scheme/product offered by any persons/entity offering indicative/assured/guaranteed returns in the stock market as the same is prohibited by law. It may also be noted that the said persons/entity are not registered either as a member or authorized person of any registered member of the National Stock Exchange of India Limited. Exchange has provided a facility of “Know/Locate your Stock Broker” under the link “” on its website, to check the details of the registered member and its Authorized Persons. Further, the designated bank accounts named as client bank accounts to receive/pay money from/to investors as disclosed by the trading members to Exchange are also displayed under the said link. Investors are advised to check the details while dealing with any entity.

Participation in such prohibited schemes is at investors’ own risk, cost and consequences as such schemes are neither approved nor endorsed by the Exchange.

The investors may note that for any kind of disputes relating to such prohibited schemes none of the following recourses will be available to investors:

  1. Benefits of investor protection under Exchange’s Jurisdiction
  2. Exchange dispute resolution mechanism
  3. Investor grievance redressal mechanism administered by Exchange

Investors are advised to take note of the above.