May 28, 2024

Consolidated Results for the Fourth Quarter and Full Year ended 31st March 2021


Mumbai, 12th June 2023: Vedanta Limited today announced its audited consolidated results for the fourth quarter (Q4) and full year ended 31st March 2021 (FY2021).


Financial Highlights

Q4 FY2021 FY2021
·      EBITDA up by 88% Y-o-Y to ₹ 9,107 crore

·      Robust EBITDA margin1 of 38%

·      Att. PAT (before exceptional items) at

₹ 7,013 crore


·      EBITDA up by 30% Y-o-Y, at ₹ 27,341 crore

·      Robust EBITDA margin1 of 36%

·      Att. PAT (before exceptional items) at

₹ 12,151 crore


Other Financial Highlights FY2021
§  Improved double-digit ROCE at c.19%

§  ND/EBITDA at 0.9x, maintained at low level

§  Net Debt at ₹ 24,414 crore, reduction of 32% compared to 31st December 2020

§  Strong liquidity position with total cash & cash equivalent at ₹ 32,614 crore

§  Contribution to the ex-chequer of ₹ 35,018 crore


Operational Highlights FY2021

·         Zinc India

o   Record ore production of 15.5 million tonnes despite disruptions on account of the pandemic

o   Highest ever mined metal production of 972kt, up 6% Y-o-Y

o   Record Silver production of 706 tonnes


·         Zinc International:

o   Gamsberg record production volume at 145 kt in FY2021, up by 34% Y-o-Y

o   Gamsberg cost of production at $1,288/t, down 11% Y-o-Y


·         Oil & Gas:

o   Average gross operated production of 162 kboepd for FY2021, down 6% Y-o-Y

o   74 wells hooked up during FY2021

o   New gas processing terminal commissioned; ramp up underway expected to add ~ 15 kboepd by Q1 FY2022

  • Aluminium & Power:

o   Highest ever Aluminium production of 1,969kt, with 2.1 Mtpa run rate achieved in Q4

o   Highest ever Alumina production at 1,841 kt, up 2% Y-o-Y

o   Lowest cost of production in last 7 years at US$ 1,347 per tonne, 20% lower Y-o-Y


·         Iron Ore:

o   Production of saleable ore at Karnataka at 5 million tons, up 15% Y-o-Y

o   Iron ore sales in Goa at 2.1 million tonnes in FY2021

o   Continued engagement with the Stakeholders for resumption of Goa mining


·         Steel:

o   Steel production at 1.19 million tonnes, down 4% due to covid lockdown

o   EBITDA Margin at $95/t, up by ~23%


·         Copper India:

o   Due legal process is being followed to achieve a sustainable restart of the operations



Mr Sunil Duggal, Chief Executive Officer, Vedanta, said “We are delighted to announce an outstanding quarter. Our key businesses delivered record operational performance, maintaining the trajectory of cost and volumes, driven by structural integration and technology adoption. Our businesses have shown resilience in uncertain market environment as we continue with our winning streak, reporting the highest ever quarterly EBITDA. We are fully supporting our employees, partners, and communities to navigate through these tough times. We are well on our path to execute on strategic priorities to maximize value for stakeholders”