July 22, 2024

SMB hiring at a record high; about 3 lakh jobs posted in the past five months: Report by apna.co


Bengaluru, 14 May 2023: Apna.co, India’s leading jobs and professional networking platform, has identified a significant shift in the hiring strategies of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and MSMEs. According to a recent report by apna.co, approximately 70% of SMBs in India are actively planning to recruit full-time professionals for key areas like Business Growth & Expansion, HR, Accounts, and Sales. This shift reflects the growing recognition among SMBs of the pivotal role played by human resources in driving business success and their readiness to invest in this crucial aspect for exponential growth. Remarkably, apna.co has witnessed a substantial upsurge in SMB job postings from January to May 2023, with around 300,000 jobs listed on the platform. These job postings have accounted for nearly 75% of the new job opportunities created on the platform, underscoring the thriving recruitment trend among SMBs.

SMBs from tier 2 and beyond cities racing to hire talent

Apna has been enabling SMBs and MSMEs in their hiring requirements in deeper Bharat. More than 180,000 job listings from SMBs in tier-2 and tier-3 cities highlight the increasing demand for talent in these regions. Jaipur and Lucknow exhibited a high demand for telecalling roles, while Bhubaneswar and Kochi sought after business development professionals. In Ahmedabad, accounts and finance expertise was highly sought after. SMBs sought a wide range of job designations, spanning from general manager to marketing head, reflecting diverse organizational needs. Simultaneously, they also offered entry-level positions such as accounts intern, data entry operator, and HR intern. Companies demonstrated flexibility in their hiring requirements, considering both freshers and individuals with 7-8 years of experience, ensuring opportunities for a variety of candidates at different stages of their careers.

Nirmit Parikh, Founder & CEO, apna.co stated, “We have consistently prioritized the creation of equal opportunities for everyone, and it is heartening to witness the remarkable surge in job postings across diverse sectors by SMBs, especially from cities beyond Tier 2. This trend exemplifies the rapid growth and potential of SMBs in contributing to India’s 5 trillion dollar economy. As a trusted partner, we take pride in serving the hiring needs of employers while positively impacting the lives of millions.”

Part-Time Roles: Driving Success with Flexibility

In the past five months,  apna’s latest report reveals a striking 45% surge in part-time job postings by SMBs, compared to the previous quarter. This upward trend highlights the increasing demand for flexibility and work-life balance among job seekers. SMBs are recognizing the benefits of offering part-time roles, as it allows them to manage costs effectively while meeting their staffing requirements. Aligning with NITI AAYOG’s report on India’s Booming Gig and Platform Economy, the gig economy in India is projected to witness significant growth, reaching 23.5 million workers by 2029-30. SMBs’ adoption of part-time roles contributes to this thriving landscape and their journey toward success.

SMBs no longer a second choice for women & freshers

Apna experienced an overwhelming surge in job applications from January to May 2023, with a total of 44 million applications from its users. Remarkably, out of this massive influx, 25 million applications were specifically for roles offered by SMBs, highlighting the significant demand for opportunities in small and medium-sized businesses. Notably, an impressive 35% of these applications came from women, showcasing their increasing participation in the workforce. Furthermore, the data unveiled an interesting insight: a substantial 11 million job applicants were freshers, demonstrating the rising interest among young talent to explore and venture into diverse job opportunities, even with limited prior work experience. This trend signifies a growing enthusiasm and eagerness to embark on professional journeys among the next generation of job seekers.