June 25, 2024

Quote of Ms. Shefali Kohli, Group Head – Strategic Rewards and People Process, Godrej Industries:


“At Godrej, we firmly believe in celebrating the uniqueness of every individual and are dedicated to creating an environment where our LGBTQ+ colleagues feel equal, respected, and valued. We understand the importance of providing an inclusive workplace, which is why we have implemented comprehensive policies and procedures to ensure equal opportunities and prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation.

To foster a diverse and inclusive atmosphere, we conduct programs that promote attitude transformation, such as pilot initiatives and the inclusion of gig workers from various backgrounds. One of our key initiatives, ‘Open Hearts Open Minds,’ involves sharing real-life stories to increase awareness about proper language and behavior towards LGBTQ+ colleagues.

Once hired, every employee at Godrej has equal access to career advancement opportunities, skill-building programs, rewards, and recognition. As part of our commitment, we have established the PRIDE Internship program, a nine-month paid internship specifically designed for LGBTQ+ individuals. Interns receive on-the-job training, mentoring, and regular feedback sessions, leading to potential full-time roles within our company based on their success.

During the onboarding process, we prioritize the use of chosen names in email IDs and internal systems, respecting employees’ preferred identities when legal or dead names are not required. Additionally, we conduct sensitivity training workshops on LGBTQ+ inclusiveness and allyship, reaching out to over 1500 employees through more than 30 sessions across India last year.

We have implemented several measures to create a welcoming workplace for our queer employees. Our Gender Affirmation Policy and Gender Transition Guidelines support employees throughout their transition journey, and we have a Gender Neutral Anti-Sexual Harassment policy in place. We have also enhanced the accessibility of our infrastructure by installing gender-neutral, all-inclusive restrooms that meet the requirements for individuals with impairments. Mental health is a top priority for our LGBTQ+ employees, and we provide free therapy sessions and LGBTQ+ affirming support. To cater specifically to transitioning staff, we have employed psychologists, psychiatrists, and endocrinologists across all our campuses.

Through these initiatives, we are committed to promoting respect, eliminating unconscious biases towards LGBTQ+ colleagues, and driving positive mindset shifts within our organization.”