July 21, 2024

Make Father’s Day ’23 Extra Special: Explore Modicare Limited’s Gifting Guide


Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the remarkable men who hold a special place in our hearts. Whether it’s our beloved fathers, supportive fathers-in-law, or new dads, this occasion calls for a heartfelt celebration of their love and guidance. It’s time to make Father’s Day unforgettable and Modicare Limited is here to help. Presenting our handpicked gifting guide that guarantees to make this day truly special.

Show Your Care with Modicare’s Health and Wellness Products from Well

Fathers hold a special place in our lives as our earliest superheroes and the pillars of our strength. They have consistently stood by our side, providing support and comfort whenever we needed it. However, they often tend to overlook the importance of prioritizing their own health and well-being. Modicare Limited proudly offers a wide range of nutrition, health, and wellness products under the brand ‘Well’, committed to providing you with good health in your hands. Invest in your father’s health and well-being with Modicare’s product offerings such as Well Calcium Complex, Well All Plant Protein Power, Well Multivitamin Multimineral, Well Vision Health, and Well Gluco Health.

  • Well Calcium Complex helps maintain normal bone density and development.  It not only contains Calcium but also other vital nutrients like Vitamin D, Magnesium, Vitamin K2-7, and Zinc that promote bone health and gives the body a strong foundation. Priced at MRP Rs. 520/-, it supports the proper functioning of muscles and nerves.
  • Well All Plant Protein Powder is a tri-blend of Soy, Wheat & Pea proteins that provide all 9 essential amino acids necessary for the body’s growth. Priced at MRP Rs. 1080/- for a pack of 200 g and MRP Rs. 2399/- for a pack of 500 g, it is important for maintaining high energy levels all day, builds and rebuilds muscle mass, and helps in growing and repairing the cells.
  • Well Multivitamin Multimineral bridges the nutritional gap by supplementing 12 vitamins, 8 essential minerals, 6 phytonutrients, and 2 amino acids necessary for normal growth and maintenance. Priced at MRP Rs. 440/-, it also supports the metabolic processes which are vital for the smooth functioning and repair of the body.
  • Well Vision Health is a potent plant-based formula containing ingredients like Flaxseed Oil, Lutein and Zeaxanthin which supports eye function and normal vision health. Priced at MRP Rs. 999/-, helps protect your eyes from damaging blue light, glare sensitivity and promotes visual acuity.
  • Well Gluco Health  is a unique combination of ingredients like Cinnamon, Bitter Gourd, Fenugreek, Chromium Picolinate and Zinc that support healthy blood sugar levels in adults. Priced at MRP Rs. 999/-, it aids in the efficient breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, to support overall wellness.

Beat the Heat with Velocity Men’s Grooming Range by Modicare:  Beat the scorching summer heat and let your dad indulge in a rejuvenating self-care routine with Modicare’s Velocity Men’s grooming range. From Oil-Clear Face Wash to a shaving cream, this comprehensive collection, starting at MRP Rs. 85/-, is designed to cater to men’s unique skincare needs. Treat your father to a revitalizing experience and elevate his personal care routine.

  • Velocity Men Deodorising Body Spray: Priced at MRP Rs. 228/- the fragrance has refreshing Citrus, Lavender, and Musk notes. It fights body odor and germs with a long-lasting fragrance.
  • Velocity Men Oil Clear Face Wash: Keep excess oil, sweat, and pollution at bay with this face wash enriched with Vitamin B3. It refines skin texture without drying it out. Priced at MRP Rs. 147/-, it’s a must-have for clean and refreshed skin.
  • Velocity Men Fairness Cream: Priced at MRP Rs. 155/-, this cream gives a fairer and brighter look. Enhanced with the benefits of Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Vitamin C & Sunscreen, it helps in nourishing and in the prevention of premature aging and skin damage.
  • Velocity Men Premium Shaving Cream : Priced at MRP Rs. 127/-, the premium shaving cream moisturizes, soothes, and tones the skin. It helps in relieving minor nicks, cuts, and razor irritation. With the added benefits of Glycerine and Menthol, it is just the right product for a hydrated and revitalized look.

Rejuvenate with Modicare’s Schloka Purifying Lime Peel and Neem Face Wash

Elevate your father’s skincare experience with Modicare’s Schloka Purifying Lime Peel and Neem Face Wash. This powerful cleanser eliminates excess oil, sweat, pollutants, and dirt, leaving a refreshing and revitalizing sensation all day long. Specially formulated for men, it combats acne and other skin problems while lightening the skin tone. Priced at MRP Rs. 215/-, this face wash will invigorate your father’s skin with the antibacterial properties of Neem Extract and the energizing boost of Menthol.

*All the products under the Modicare range are available for sale across the country through Modicare Consultants.

Health Supplement and Nutraceuticals Products are NOT FOR MEDICINAL USE. People with a medical condition should consult a physician before using the Product. Not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. For more details, please refer to the Product pack.