July 22, 2024

Quote by Mr. Puneet Maheshwari, Director, Upstox


The Sensex reaching an all-time high is great news as it truly reflects the buoyant mood in the Indian economy. Strong market performance is a testament to the strength of the macroeconomic factors at play. Strong signals from the international markets as well as favourable domestic factors, such as steady FII inflows, increased risk appetite, an optimistic view on interest rates from the RBI, and better than expected quarterly results can be considered as contributing factors to the stock market’s rise.

The current rally in Indian markets which saw the key benchmark index hit all time highs is supported by participation from small cap stocks and mid caps stocks which has also helped the market cap of BSE Listed companies to reach record highs in June this year.

Investor confidence has been significantly increased as a result of India’s remarkable economic growth, which is just beginning to unfold. We believe that the opportunities that the expanding Indian economy has to offer should eventually be reflected in the markets.

— Quote by Puneet Maheshwari,

Director, Upstox