July 21, 2024

Ambuja and ACC lead in Water Positivity, Building a Sustainable Future


Mumbai, 29th June 2023: Ambuja Cements and ACC, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Group, have been actively engaged in a multitude of award-winning water conservation initiatives for the past two decades, demonstrating their proactive approach to addressing the issue of water scarcity in India.

Ambuja Cement has already set a remarkable benchmark by becoming the sole cement company to attain a water-positive status that is eight times its water consumption. On the other hand, ACC has achieved a water-positive status that is nearly twice its water consumption and is committed to increasing this to five times by 2030.

Ambuja Cements is the only cement maker that has been recognised for its leadership in water security by The United Nations Global Compact Network India. Ambuja Cements and ACC have gained international recognition for their leadership in water security by CDP.

Mr. Ajay Kapur, CEO, Cement Business, said, “We are humbled and honoured to be recognized for our collective efforts to protect and replenish our planet’s most vital resource. Together, we are making waves of positive change, creating a sustainable future where water is not just conserved, but also cherished. We remain steadfast in our mission to inspire others and drive meaningful impact, as we continue to lead the way towards a world that is truly water positive.”

Ambuja Cements and ACC are dedicated to promoting sustainable water usage practices across their operations. They recognize the value of conserving water resources and have taken significant measures to optimize their processes, prevent excessive freshwater consumption, and promote water conservation, harvesting, and recycling in their operations.

Raising awareness by educating communities about the importance of responsible water management, the companies actively contribute to ensuring clean drinking water availability for daily household consumption within their communities and have implemented numerous projects aimed at rainwater harvesting over several years.