February 25, 2024

Champions Studio: India’s First Exclusive Club for Kids in Jaipur


One of the biggest concerns today among parents is often over exposure of their kids to digital screens such as mobile, TV and laptop. The root cause is often a busy parent lifestyle, lack of kids of similar age in the vicinity and lack of things that can correctly engage

them in a fun way. As parents, we understand the importance of technology, but we also recognize the need for balance and real-life experiences, said Sonam Jalan, founder of Champions Studio. At Champions Studio, we imagine a place for kids where they can have fun, learn and socialise. We want to give a place of like minded community for kids and a premium infrastructure and coaches that can nurture the childhood. Existing places are boring because of lack of social elements, infrastructure, coaches or kids simply get bored doing one thing only for a long time (they have a low time attention span). Champion’s Studio, a 7000 sq ft club located at C-scheme Jaipur, is a state-of-the-art facility designed with children’s needs in mind. From engaging activities to specialised programs and exclusive events designed for kids, the studio aims to offer an unparalleled experience that encourages physical activity, fosters creativity, and promotes personal growth. With a dedicated team of experienced coaches, every child will have the opportunity to explore their potential and discover new passions. Our mission is to get kids off their gadgets and onto open grounds, where they can run, jump, learn, and grow,” expressed Sonam Jalan. “As a mother and entrepreneur, I strongly believe that Champion’s Studio will not only benefit my own children but also countless others who deserve a chance to experience the joy of active learning and meaningful connections.

The grand launch event for Champion’s Studio took place on Saturday, July 1st, at Chomu Circle, C-Scheme, Jaipur (adjacent to Starbucks). Parents and families joined the

celebration and witnessed the beginning of a new era in children’s development.