July 22, 2024

Godrej Agrovet launches campaign to drive awareness around the need for quality feed for better health of the cattle


01st July 2023 : Godrej Agrovet Ltd. (GAVL), a leading player in the cattle feed industry, today announced the launch of its new campaign. The new campaign is aimed to drive awareness amongst the farmers by emphasizing on how a good quality feed is important for better health of the cattle and can lead to more milk output.

Traditionally, feed and fodder have been the main sources of contaminants. Hence in order to protect farmers and their cattle, the government has made it mandatory for companies to carry the BIS Certification mark on the product label for commercial feed ingredients intended for milk-producing animals. GAVL is one among the first BIS certified companies for compounded cattle feed products in India.

Backed by a rich legacy of GAVL in animal feed, the company ensures optimal deliveries to customers through technological advancements and innovative solutions. The company’s state-of-the-art R&D unit has a strong focus on enhancing animal health, productivity, and milk quality,

Highlighting on the rationale for new campaign, Sandeep Kumar Singh, CEO – Animal Feed, GAVL, said, “Cattle health plays a critical role in enhancing their yield. With India having one of the highest livestock population and food contamination being one of the main concerns for consumers, we at GAVL are fully committed to provide good quality feed to our farmers. Using best quality ingredients to create a balanced diet for better health of the cattle, our aim is to enable farmers get maximum yield and prosper.”

GAVL’s products are manufactured in compliance with BIS norms and are categorized into Type 1 and Type 2, offering a range of options to the farmers. By prioritizing animal health and using research-driven process to make innovative  feed products, GAVL is poised to revolutionize the animal feed industry in the country, providing farmers and livestock rearers with superior quality feed products that meet their evolving needs.

In order to raise awareness amongst the farmers, the company launched a new advertisement video today. Shoot against a backdrop of courtroom, the cattle are seen seeking justice for better health. The video ends with the judge ruling that BIS certification are key for quality feed and hence better health of the cattle.