December 6, 2023

L&T Energy’s South-West Gas Fields Development (SWGFD)


Mumbai, November 13, 2023: L&T announces the successful commissioning and handover of three state-of-the-art gas plants to a prestigious client in Algeria. This monumental achievement marks a major milestone for L&T as it embarks on its maiden venture in partnership with Sonatrach, Algeria’s esteemed state- owned oil company.

On November 4, 2023, Mr S N Subrahmanyan, Chairman & MD – L&T, visited the facility along with other senior executives of L&T and customers. He appreciated the high-quality work performed under challenging conditions and terrain.

The SWGFD Project, L&T’s first-ever mega endeavour in Algeria, involved the comprehensive execution of engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning for gas treatment units at three Central Processing Facilities (CPFs) situated in Central Algeria.

Innovation played a pivotal role in the project’s success. The plants were designed and executed with a fully modular approach comprising over 750 modules, which were manufactured within L&T’s state-of-the-art factories. Special attention was given to standardisation across all three facilities, to enhance interchangeability and render the plant re-deployable.

The journey to completion was not without its challenges, including the persistent shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. The dedicated project team overcame these hurdles to meet the customer’s expectations.

It is important to note that India and Algeria have a long-standing diplomatic relationship characterised by mutual respect and shared values. This relationship extends across diverse sectors, including trade, education, and culture. L&T is proud to be part of this significant partnership, contributing to the growth of bilateral trade between these two nations.